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Things are super busy here in my world. Working on my new book, which has transformed itself into also being part of my PhD. Also working on my thesis, which I’m enjoying so much more than I thought I would. I love literary criticism! Who knew?

I’m also super busy at various schools, festivals and other events. I’m really enjoying being a host for The Wheeler Centre’s Texts In The City program – I’m reading lots of things I’ve always meant to read, and rereading some old favourites. I do a lot of talking about my own books, so it’s very refreshing to be able to talk about someone else’s! And I get to do more of that on Monday night when I’m Q&Aing with the wonderful Patrick Ness at the¬†Athenaeum.

And next Saturday I get to talk with Penni Russon at the Emerging Writers Festival, which will be excellent.

Other things that are going on include: I have an awesome new friend through the Big Brothers Big Sisters Young Achievers program, which I’m totally loving, except tomorrow we are playing laser tag and I’m a bit scared.

There’s also lots of house and garden stuff going on around here, and to avoid boring you all with endless photos of plans and plants, I’ve started a garden blog. But there are¬†some literary connections, because there is some sneaky gardening in my next book.

SPEAKING OF BOOKS. Remember how I wrote that book called The Zigzag Effect which came out two months ago? Well people seem to really like it, which is great. I’m enjoying performing magic tricks (okay, trick. I only know one) at schools and reading out scenes that contain buckets full of wee.

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  1. Bonnee says:

    You don’t need to be afraid of lazer tag, it can’t hurt you… well, it’s not meant to. Paint ball, on the other hand…

    It’s awesome that you’re getting stuck into your new novel and that you’re still studying and loving it. It’s also great to hear that people are enjoying The Zigzag Effect (I should definitely get my poor uni student hands on a copy, seeing as I absolutely ADORED Love-shy).

  2. Anna says:

    Thank you for visiting my school! I greatly appreciated the visit because now you’re one of my favorite,inspirational and motivational Authors!
    I borrowed The ZigZag Effect from my school library and I was so engulfed in the plot twist that I read the whole book on the same day you visit.

    My favorite characters are, of course Herb and Sage and I have so many favorite parts of the book that I love the whole book itself, To be honest the parts where it get’s creepy actually sent shivers to my spine but that I really enjoyed plot, there are definitely some connections I can make with the book to myself such as the ca kho, Food and photo of the fairies which I read a article about last year.I also learned stuff while reading this books which was awesome!

    I’ll be ordering this book so I can add to my collection books as I will be definitely reading more than once, Will definitely go and read the other books you wrote.

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